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Public Access
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has long viewed the sharing of research materials and tools as a fundamental responsibility of scientific authorship.

Journal Publishing Policies 

Journal policies vary greatly. As a convenience to HHMI scientists and their collaborators around the world, the Institute has created a searchable resource with information about the policies and author responsibilities for a large number of journals. This document was created and is maintained by the library staff at the Purnell W. Choppin Library at headquarters. Questions, comments, and suggestions about this resource may be sent to public_access@hhmi.org.

To further support its public access policy, the Institute provides HHMI authors with a mechanism for uploading their manuscripts to PubMed Central for those journals that do not provide that service. Further assistance will be provided by the library staff at both headquarters and at Janelia Research Campus, library@hhmi.org.

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