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Science Education Advisory Board
The Science Education Advisory Board (SEAB) is composed of leaders representing a range of higher educational perspectives and experiences.

Members include scientists with strong interests in both scientific training and teaching at many levels in the educational continuum.

The SEAB meets semiannually to addresses challenges and opportunities in scientific education in relation to current and future HHMI educational programs. It provides advice ranging from broad considerations to the specific structure of given programs.

The SEAB currently consists of eight members, appointed by the president after consultation with the vice president for science education.

SEAB Members

  • Bruce M. Alberts, PhD
    Professor Emeritus
    Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
    University of California, San Francisco
  • Carol T. Christ, PhD
    Director, Center for Studies in Higher Education
    University of California, Berkeley
    President Emeritus, Smith College
  • Valentine Kass, PhD
    Deputy Division Director
    Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (DRL)
    National Science Foundation
  • George Langford, PhD
    Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience
    Professor of Biology
    Biology Department
    Syracuse University
  • David W. Oxtoby, PhD
    Pomona College
  • Mary Ann Rankin, PhD
    Sr. Vice President Academic Affairs & Provost
    University of Maryland
  • Eugenie C. Scott, PhD
    Chair, Advisory Council
    National Center for Science Education
  • William B. Wood, PhD
    Emeritus Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
    University of Colorado at Boulder