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Salary Supplementation
Investigator Administrative Service to Host and Salary Supplementation

HHMI investigators must devote at least 75% of their time to research, and may spend up to 25% of their time on teaching, faculty service, and other non-research professional activities. As part of their non-research time, investigators may serve as a department chair or as head of a division, institute or core facility within the host, or perform other similar administrative services for the host.

HHMI pays each investigator’s total compensation for research activities, and does not permit salary supplementation by host institutions or related organizations (e.g., affiliated hospitals or practice plans) for research activities. However, effective September 1, 2013, an investigator may be paid by his or her host institution for administrative service, for example as a department chair, or as head of a division, institute, or core facility within the host, or for similar administrative service to the host, but only if:

  1. The host institution would pay its non-HHMI faculty a supplement to their regular salary for performing the same administrative services;
  2. The HHMI investigator is receiving no more than the amount a non-HHMI host faculty member would receive as a supplement for the same administrative services;
  3. The total host payments to an investigator for the administrative services are not more than one-third (1/3) of what HHMI pays the investigator as regular salary (for example, if the requirements of this policy otherwise are satisfied, an investigator who receives an HHMI salary of $240,000 may receive up to $80,000 from his or her host institution for service as a department chair);
  4. The supplement is for administrative services only and doesn’t include any component for conducting research;
  5. The supplement is paid only for periods when the investigator is performing administrative services for the host institution and ends when the investigator stops performing those services.

Salary supplements are approved by HHMI’s Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer. An Investigator who wishes to receive a salary supplement from his or her host institution for administrative services must send a request by email to HHMI’s Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer and include a letter from the dean that describes the administrative services and documents compliance with all requirements listed above.